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    Arthritis and Medical Cannabis

    Arthritis and Medical Cannabis

    Did you know, approximately 1 in 5 Canadians are reported to be living with arthritis?1 A common myth is that arthritis primarily affects the elderly. However, over half (55%) of Canadians with arthritis are under the age of 651. Whether you’re a new medical cannabis patient, just starting, or have friends and family that use it, you may have heard discussions about people using medical cannabis to treat their arthritis. 

    Since September is arthritis Awareness month, we want to share with you how medical cannabis may be helpful in relieving arthritis symptoms. This blog will highlight recent findings from an Aurora-led real-world evidence study 2. 

    How the Study Was Conducted 

    The study was conducted with newly registered medical cannabis patients who were surveyed prior to and six weeks following the initiation of medical cannabis treatment. Approximately, 13.2% of newly registered patients reported arthritis or other rheumatic disorders as the primary medical condition for which they were seeking medical cannabis treatment. 

    CBD May Help Reduce Arthritic Symptoms 

    Approximately, 62% of patients indicating arthritis or another rheumatic disorder as their primary medical condition self-reported some improvements following six weeks of medical cannabis treatment. We also found that these patients’ pain and global activity significantly improved over the six weeks. Over half of those who found cannabis to be helpful for their arthritis used high CBD products (53.3%).  This was followed by balanced THC:CBD  (20%) and high THC (20%) products. 

    Suggested CBD Products 

    Aurora has a wide range of medical cannabis products to explore. Here are some of the top picks. 

    • Avidekel Oil: Extracted from our high-CBD indica-dominant Avidekel strain and contains 26 mg/ml of CBD. 
    • Sedamen Oil: Extracted from our THC-rich Sedamen indica strain and containing 20 mg/ml of THC. 
    • Midnight Soft Gels: Balanced THC:CBD product with a containing 2 - 3.5 mg/cap of CBD and 1.5 - 3 mg/cap of THC.  

    In Conclusion 

    Medical cannabis, in particular high CBD products, may be helpful in relieving some arthritis symptoms. Want to know more about how cannabis is being used as a pharmaceutical therapy to treat a broad range of conditions? Read the full study here. 


    1. Badley E, Wilfong J, Zahid S, Perruccio A. The Status of Arthritis in Canada: National Report. Published online 2019. Accessed August 12, 2021. https://arthritis.ca/getmedia/13aff08f-f206-4c6e-a709-beb80b97bd51/ACREU_Arthritis-Society_National-Report-2019_final.pdf

    2. Cahill SP, Lunn SE, Diaz P and Page JE. (2021). Evaluation of Patient Reported Safety and Efficacy of Cannabis from a Survey of Medical Cannabis Patients in Canada. Front. Public Health 9:626853. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2021.626853. 

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