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  • The PAX® Bundle is Here!

    The PAX® Bundle is Here!

    Available exclusively to Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, and First Responders, Aurora is releasing a limited-time bundle that includes the brand-new camo PAX® Era® Pro device and two live resin PAXSmart™ enabled pods.

    These devices were designed specifically with these professions in mind, resulting in blue camo, green camo, and red camo options that will be personally engraved with your name, rank, etc. This superior PAX® Era® Pro device stands above the rest. 

    A Modern Device 

    What makes the PAX® Era® Pro device better than other PAX devices? Here are a few of the new design aspects of the device. 

    One of the most impactful changes made is a longer lasting charge that gives you over 100 more puffs and 50% improved Bluetooth range. The design remains discreet, sleek and introduces ExpertTemp™ technology, which lets you pick your optimal temperature and save it for future sessions. 

    The PAXSmart™ enabled pods also add something new and innovative to your experience, so let’s take a closer look at that as well. 

    Explore Unique PAXSmart™ Enabled Pod Features & More 

    The revolutionary experience begins when you insert a PAXSmart™ enabled pod (more info on those below) into the PAX Era Pro device. In conjunction with the free PAX app (available on Android and ca.pax.com/app), you’ll be able to take advantage of many features like: 

    • Instant display of brand, strain, and THC/CBD percentage information   
    • Terpene profile of your strain 
    • Dose control: Choose how many puffs you want to take per session 
    • ExpertTemp™ technology, which lets you pick your optimal temperature 

      *Please note that smart features are only available with the PAX Era Pro device, but the pods fit in the PAX Era device too. 

      Choose From Three PAXSmart™ Enabled Pods 

      The bundle will include two pods of your choice:



      Luminarium - PAXSmart™ Enabled pod 

      Sativa – Vapes 

      THC: 650 - 850 mg/g  

      CBD: 0-300 mg/g

      Sedamen - PAXSmart™ Enabled pod 

      Indica – Vapes 

      THC: 650 - 850 mg/g  

      CBD: 0-300 mg/g

      Heliova - PAXSmart™ Enabled pod 

      Sativa – Vapes 

      THC: 650 - 850 mg/g  

      CBD: 0-300 mg/g


      How to Get Your Exclusive PAX Bundle 

      Step 1: Call our Veteran Concierge services at 1-877-928-7672 and select option #3. We are open Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET (6 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT)  

      Step 2: Speak to a representative and tell them which PAX Era Pro device colour you want, how you’d like it engraved and choose two PAXSmart™ enabled pods (choice of Luminarium, Sedamen or Heliova strains) 

      Step 3: Payment will be processed over the phone. This bundle is fully covered for Veterans. 

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