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    Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

    Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

    Weighing your cannabis consumption options – from smoking and vaping, to oil drops and edibles. 

    How you decide to consume cannabis will affect the onset and duration of effects, as well as the type of experience you have. Since the inclusion of vape devices, edibles and extracts into the Canadian cannabis regulations, there are now more consumption choices than ever before for medical patients. 

    The two primary ways to consume cannabis are inhalation and ingestion. Inhaling cannabis, which is done by smoking or vaping, has an immediate onset but a shorter duration, while the effects of ingesting cannabis through oils, softgels or edibles take longer to kick in but last longer. We’ve summarized the details in the chart below. 

    If you’re not sure which method is right for you, here’s a quick breakdown of the different consumption methods and product formats to clear the haze. And remember, no matter which consumption method you choose, the general guideline is “go slow, start low.”

    Inhalation: Smoking and Vaping

    To inhale cannabis, you can either smoke using a hand pipe, water pipe (bong or bubbler), a rolled joint or blunt, or you can use a vaporizer. But no matter how you choose to inhale cannabis, you’ll start to feel the effects right away.

    Vaporizing, or vaping, means heating dried flower or cannabis concentrate above the boiling point of cannabinoids and terpenes, boiling them into a vapour. Vaping is a more discreet consumption method because it produces less odour and some vaporizers fit right in your pocket.

    Aurora’s vape cartridges offer an alternative to smoking and allow you to medicate on the go.

    Compatible with most 510-thread batteries (sold separately in our shop), our vape cartridges come in either THC indica, THC sativa or CBD blends and contain 0.5 g of 100% Aurora-grown cannabis resin with no added fillers or dilutive agents.*

    Starting with dried flower, we use a proprietary CO2 extraction method that retains the original plant terpenes, resulting in a flavourful, full-spectrum, cannabinoid-rich resin. This high-quality resin is then encased in a glass and stainless-steel cartridge that features a porous ceramic technology and no solder, providing a safer, portable vape experience.

    *Aurora vape products are independently tested to confirm that no vitamin E acetate additives are used.

    Ingestion: Oil Drops, Softgels and Edibles

    If you’re curious about trying cannabis in a way that doesn’t involve inhalation, you might want to consider ingestible options, including oil drops, softgels and edibles.

    Ingestible cannabis products offer a consumption experience without odour, accessories or heating, giving you greater freedom and making for a more convenient experience.

    Compared to when inhaled, ingested cannabis can take longer to have an effect, so make sure to start with a low dose and wait for 30 to 120 minutes to assess the effects of the medication.


    Aurora offers a wide variety of high-quality cannabis oil drops, including THC, CBD, balanced, sativa, indica and hybrid. Our careful extraction processes retain the original plant terpenes and cannabinoids, using our state-of-the-art C02 extraction process.

    Aurora patients now have access to oil products from the other brands in our medical family, MedReleaf and CanniMed, so you have a wider range of products to choose from to meet your unique needs.

    To medicate with oil, simply place the desired dose under your tongue or add to food or drinks.

    If you’re looking for a more convenient and consistent option with precision dosing, Aurora Softgels might be just what you’re looking for. They’re made with our high-quality oil then encapsulated in coloured, gelatin-based Softgels for easy distinction between our indica, sativa and CBD varieties.

    And let’s not forget about our compact and easy-to-use Oral Spray options, available in CBD, Ginger-Lemon CBD, THC and Peppermint THC, each made with cannabinoid-rich cannabis extract and MCT oil. Simply spray into your mouth, pointing the nozzle into your cheek or under your tongue.


    Edibles are foods and drinks infused with cannabis for a more delicious ingestible experience that’s consistent and convenient, good for those new to medical cannabis.

    Working with leading food industry experts we have created discreet, cannabis-infused edibles with minimal cannabis taste.

    Our edible THC and CBD product offerings include gummies in raspberry, peach and grape flavours, spearmints and peppermints, sea salt & caramel and 64% cocoa chocolates, and soft baked chocolate cookies. Unless otherwise recommended by your healthcare practitioner, start with one edible and wait for 30 to 120 minutes to see how it may affect you.

    With all cannabis products, but especially edibles, keeping your cannabis out of reach of children, youth and pets is a major part of medicating responsibly. Accidental ingestion of edibles can have serious health effects, so it’s important to store your stash securely in a locked, child-safe container that’s kept out of reach.(2) If the box comes with keys, keep them in a different place (or on your person).(2,3) If you’ve made your own edibles, clearly label them as such.(3) If a child or pet accidentally ingests cannabis in any form, make sure to contact your doctor and/or vet immediately.

    We’ve worked hard to develop a diverse lineup of new products that offer alternative routes of cannabis consumption with your needs in mind. Similar to other prescription medications, consult with your healthcare practitioner to better understand the intake method and dosage that’s right for you. Aurora supports the Health Canada recommended “go slow, start low” approach, as effects may vary on an individual basis.


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