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    Important Changes to Oil Products Regulations

    Important Changes to Oil Products Regulations

    In compliance with the most recent Health Canada regulations on cannabis oil products, we made important updates to how our cannabis oil bottles are labelled, packaged, and consumed.

    To help our patients understand these updates, we’ve created this simple guide to explain what these changes are, how to deliver your same dosage, and a step-by-step guide on how to use the newly included measuring syringe.


    What are these new changes?

    • Standardized labelling: Cannabis oil will now display THC/CBD concentrations in mg/g and mg/activation instead of mg/ml and percentage (%). By introducing standardized and consistent labelling across all products, patients are able to better compare THC/CBD concentrations across different product types.

    • Included dispenser device: Cannabis oil bottles can no longer be consumed by directly drinking or “free pouring.” Instead, all cannabis oil bottles will come with a dispensing device such as a measuring syringe included with its packaging (see below for a guide on using the syringe). This helps to ensure that patients can administer accurate and precise dosing.

    • Uniform THC limits: Cannabis oil cannot contain more than 1000 mg THC per package. Additionally, each dose activation via syringe cannot exceed 10 mg of THC.

    • Established 30 ml size: All Aurora cannabis oils, including MedReleaf, CanniMed and WMMC Oils, will transition to 30 ml white bottles. Changes in price and cannabis equivalency will also be reflected in the new standard 30 ml size.


    Will these changes affect dried cannabis equivalencies or price?

    No. There have been no price increases or decreases in products. Rest assured, dried cannabis equivalencies and price have been adjusted to be proportionate to the new standard size. You will still be able to purchase the same amount of THC/CBD per gram of dried cannabis equivalent allotted to you each month. 


    Will these changes affect VAC coverage?

    No, these new changes will not impact your VAC coverage. All cannabis oils will still be fully covered by Aurora and Veteran Affairs Canada.


    How to dose

    Aurora 1:1 Drops (Indica) dosing guide


    Aurora 1:1 Drops (Sativa) dosing guide


    Aurora CBD Drops dosing guide


    Aurora THC Drops (Indica) dosing guide


    Aurora THC Drops (Sativa) dosing guide


    CanniMed 1:20 Oil dosing guide


    CanniMed 10:10 Oil dosing guide


    CanniMed 18:0 Oil dosing guide


    CanniMed THCA Oil dosing guide


    MedReleaf Avidekel dosing guide


    MedReleaf Equiposa dosing guide


    MedReleaf Luminarium dosing guide


    MedReleaf Midnight dosing guide


    MedReleaf Sedamen dosing guide


    MedReleaf Stellio dosing guide


    MedReleaf Trutiva dosing guide



    How to use the syringe

    1. Remove the caps from both the bottle and the syringe.


    2. Insert the tip of the syringe into the oil bottle.


    3. Carefully turn bottle and syringe upside down together.


    4. Gently pull back on syringe plunger to extract the exact dosage.


    We understand these regulations may impact how you take you medication, so we hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions about these cannabis oil updates, contact our Client Care Team at 1-877-928-7672.

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