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    Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Cannabis

    Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Cannabis

    Based on current scientific literature, there is therapeutic potential for medical cannabis in a number of medical conditions and we anticipate this list will continue to grow as further research is completed. At Aurora, we are passionate about research. We have 40 scientific studies and publications underway or completed. This includes randomized clinical trials, observational studies and case studies. Many of these studies are in partnership with academic research institutions in Canada and around the world. 

    We recommend you talk to your healthcare practitioner to determine if cannabis could be beneficial for your treatment plan. To learn more about getting started with medical cannabis at Aurora or to find a cannabis-educated healthcare practitioner, visit our Patients page. We’re here to help.

    Learn More About the Therapeutic Potential of Medical Cannabis

    Cannabis and Mental Health:

      • Post-traumatic stress disorder (1)
      • Anxiety (2)

        Cannabis and Oncology

          • Nausea and vomiting (3)
          • Pain (4) 
          Appetite stimulation (5)

            Cannabis and Pain Management

              • Neuropathic pain (6)
              • Chronic pain (7, 8)
              • Sleep (8)


                  • Epilepsy (9, 10)
                  • Crohn’s disease (11)


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