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    0.5-2 mg/cap
    18-22 mg/cap

    AvidekelSoftgels are extracted from our high-CBD indica-dominant Avidekel strain.

    Avidekel Softgels provide precision dosing and are created by carefully extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from our Avidekel strain. The original terpene profile of the dried flower includes b-myrcene, a-pinene and b-pinene. Avidekel Softgels are made with bovine gelatin.

    To consume, simply swallow the capsule with water. Each 25-capsule bottle of Avidekel Softgels contains the equivalent of 5 grams of dried cannabis. 

    Unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare practitioner, we suggest patients follow Health Canada’s recommended “start low, go slow” approach, meaning patients should begin with a low dose and wait up to 120 minutes to assess the effects of the medication before administering an additional dose.