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    700-850 mg/g
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    Experience the bold and unique taste of Cherry Garlic Breath Shatter by RAD. This golden, brittle concentrate is created with state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction to bring out rich aromas of cherries and freshly peeled garlic with a hint of spiciness.  

    RAD delivers top-notch concentrates using high-quality flower inputs selected specifically for their indica, sativa, and hybrid profiles and notable terpene profiles. 

    Remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow” where patients should begin with a low dose, then wait 30 minutes to assess the effects before administering an additional dose. 

    Cherry Garlic Breath Shatter contains the equivalent of 4 grams of dried cannabis.  

    How to Consume Shatter 

    Shatter can be consumed using a vaporizer that is compatible with concentrates, such as the Utillian 721 or via a method known as “dabbing”, which involves the use of high heat, and a mechanism called a dab rig. To learn more about how to consume concentrates like shatter, click here.