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    Our Whistler Walkers Limited series offers a rotation of different and premium pre-rolls for our patients to experience. Some strains are grown at our facilities, and others are grown out of facilities matching up to WMMC craft quality. 


    We’re excited to share the next strain in this series – Deadhead OG. This small-batch indica is cultivated by Eco Canadian Organic, a family-owned operation based in New Brunswick who specializes in all-natural growing methods. As a result, Deadhead OG was grown in nutrient-rich living soil and nourished on pristine waters sourced from natural artesian wells. As a certified organic flower, Deadhead OG is non-irradiated. 


    Deadhead OG is typically bred from crossing Chemdog 91 and SFV OG Kush. Light up one of these expertly crafted pre-rolls and enjoy the pleasant and pungent aromas of earthy pine and crisp wood. Its terpene profile includes Trans-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, and Limonene. 

    This 8-pack of pre-rolls contains 0.35 g of finely milled Deadhead OG bud per pre-roll and comes in a convenient flip-top box that you can easily take with you on the go. 


    Eco Canadian Organic is a Clean Green certified and family-run licensed producer based out of Rexton, Brunswick. They have made it their personal mission to provide Canadian communities, including First Nations, Veterans, RCMP and First Responders with safe access to the highest quality, lab-tested and organically grown medical cannabis products. 

    Each pack of WMMC Whistler Walkers Limited contains the equivalent of 2.8 grams of dried cannabis. 

    Remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow” where patients should begin with a single inhalation and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes to determine the effect before inhaling again.