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    0-100 mg/g
    500-700 mg/g

    Aurora CBD 510 Vape Cartridge contains 0.5 g of 100% Aurora-grown cannabis resin with no added fillers or diluting agents. Starting with dried flower, we use a proprietary CO2 extraction method which retains the original plant terpenes, resulting in a flavourful, full-spectrum CBD-rich resin. Our high-quality resin is encased in a glass and stainless-steel cartridge that features a porous ceramic technology and no solder, providing a safer, portable vape experience.
    Similar to other prescription medications, dosing cannabis should be done with the careful supervision of your primary healthcare provider. Aurora supports the Health Canada recommended “Start low, go slow” approach. Effects may vary on an individual basis.
    Each CBD 510 Vape Cartridge contains the equivalent of 4 grams of dried cannabis. To learn more about dried cannabis equivalencies, click here.
    Battery sold separately.
    How to Consume Vapes 
    Aurora CBD 510 Vape Cartridge is compatible with the 510-thread battery. To use it, simply:  
    • Screw the compatible cartridge onto the battery pack  
    • Turn the battery on by hitting the button 5 times (it will flash green to indicate it is now on) 
    • Press your lips to the mouthpiece, hold the button and inhale until the desired effect is achieved 
    • No need to “hold it in.” Casually inhale/exhale like normal  
    It’s best to store your vape in an upright position and at room temperature. Avoid sudden and frequent changes in temperature and/or atmospheric pressure. In general, always remember to handle your vape pen with care. To learn more about consuming vapes, click here.