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    Compassionate Pricing

    Compassionate Pricing

    The Aurora Compassionate Pricing Program


    At Aurora, we believe in supporting patients by making it easier to access the medical cannabis they need. We developed our Compassionate Pricing Program because we understand some patients may require additional support for their medication. With that in mind, here’s how our Compassionate Pricing program works. 

    How to Apply for the Compassionate Pricing Program 

    Our Compassionate Pricing Program offers a 30% discount on all our cannabis products, regardless of potency, for those who qualify. This program provides more affordable access to medical cannabis for patients earning $40,000 or under annually and patients who are on disability or similar government subsidy programs.* 

    To qualify for our Compassionate Pricing Program, we require one of the following documents: 

    • Proof of assistance from a federal or provincial disability program. 
    • Copy of your T5007 Statement of Benefits or ‘Notice of Assessment’ from Canada Revenue Agency indicating a total income of $40,000 or under for the most current Tax Year. 

    To apply, please email your documents to registration@auroramedical.com. We review each application on a case-by-case basis and will notify you via email on your approval status within 3 to 5 business days. 

    *Please note that additional discount codes and offers cannot be combined with the compassionate pricing program. The compassionate pricing discount is also not applicable to items that are currently on sale unless otherwise stated.

    How Do You Renew Your Compassionate Pricing? 

    Renewal of your enrollment to the Compassionate Pricing Program may need to be conducted to assess if qualification for our program still applies. We reserve the right to ask for updated documentation, but will contact you with notice prior to renewal. To do so, just submit your most up-to-date documentation by email to registration@auroramedical.com. Please include your full name and your Aurora Client ID number in the subject of the email. We will contact you when the renewal date is approaching to remind you.  

    Other Types of Discounts Offered by Aurora 


    Documents Required 

    Discount Available 

    Compassionate Pricing (Earning under $40,000 annually) 

    Notice of Assessment or Statement of Benefits 


    Disability/Government Subsidy 

    Federal or Provincial Disability Document 


    First Responders 

    Professional Identification Card 





    Pediatric Patient Discount 



    Veteran Spouse & Still Serving N/A 25%


    Aurora First Responders Discount 

    As a token of thanks to those keeping us safe and healthy, our First Responders Discount provides First Responders supporting our communities with 25% off their medical cannabis. Paramedics, firefighters, police, healthcare practitioners and nurses can apply by sending an email to registration@auroramedical.com. To receive this discount, you will need to provide a professional identification card.* 

    Aurora Seniors Discount 

    Our Seniors Discount helps provide more affordable access to medical cannabis for our patients 65 and older, who do not qualify for our Compassionate Pricing Program. No documents required! Those who qualify for our Seniors Discount will receive 10% off their medical cannabis products when they sign up with Aurora Medical. If you are eligible for this discount, it will be automatically applied on all orders. No action is required.* 

    Aurora Pediatric Patient Discount  

    In support of our younger patients, many of whom suffer from complex and difficult-to-treat medical conditions, we offer pediatric patients 30% off their medical cannabis. No action is required to make use of this discount; it will be automatically applied to eligible patients’ accounts.*  

    Aurora Spouse of Veteran Discount

    As a thank you for your hard work and dedication, we're happy to provide a 25% discount to the spouses of Veterans. To qualify, you must be a spouse of an active Veteran patient with Aurora and live at the same address. If you qualify, please call our Client Care team and they will ensure that the discount is automatically applied to your account.*

    *Please note that additional discount codes and offers cannot be combined with the compassionate pricing program or any other discount programs. This also applies to items that are currently on sale, unless otherwise stated.

    List of Acceptable Documents 

    The following is a list of documents we can accept as proof of qualification for our Compassionate Pricing program:

    Financial Documents 

    • Notice of Assessment 
    • Income Tax Return Information – Regular 
    • Quebec Notice of Assessment – Avis De Cotisation 
    • Canada Child Benefit Notice 
    • Correctional Service Canada 
    • T5007 Statement of Benefits 

    Provincial Disability Documents 

    • Alberta Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) 
    • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) 
    • Quebec Social Solidarity Program 
    • Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) 
    • Government of BC Disability Assistance 

    Federal Disability Documents 

    • T4A(P) for CPP Disability - Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits for Disability 
    • Disability Tax Credit 

    If you have any questions regarding our discount program, please don’t hesitate to contact our Client Care team by email at askus@auroramedical.com or by phone at 1-877-928-7672. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET (6 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT). 


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