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    0.33-0.44 mg/g
    0.33-0.44 mg/g


    Introducing Stewart Farm’s Bubba Kush Bath Bomb – Enjoy a wonderful bathing experience with luxurious notes of lavender, white grapefruit, and cassia essentials. Each Bubba Kush Bath Bomb is infused with a balanced 1:1 formulation of 50 mg THC to 50 mg CBD, providing patients with the best of both worlds. Made from an aromatic blend of mango butter and essential oils, Bubba Kush Bath Bombs arrive in 100% biodegradable, micro plastic-free packaging.   


    Stewart Farms is a New Brunswick-based licensed producer that provides all-natural, cannabinoid-infused personal care products to consumers.  


    Be sure to store your Bubba Kush Bath Bomb in a cool, dry area. To use, start by filling up your bathtub with warm water. Drop your bath bomb and allow a few minutes for it to dissolve and release moisturizing oils, fragrance, and colour into your bath water. After bathing, fully drain your bathtub and rinse off any residue. Remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow.”   


    Each Bubba Kush Bath Bomb is the equivalent of 2 grams of dried cannabis.  


     Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, MCT Oil, Cannabis Extract, Essential Oil Blend, Mango Butter, Mica, Nature Tint, Magnesium Sulfate.