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    For a limited time only, we’re happy to offer CanniMed CBD Isolate 0:98 for patients looking for an ingestible and easy way to consume a CBD only product. This isolate, in an odorless powder form, is meant to be taken either sublingually (placed under your tongue until dissolved) or ingested by adding it to drinks, sauces, soups, etc. The CBD is active and does not need to be heated.  

    CBD is non-intoxicating at medically relevant doses.

    Each package of CanniMed CBD Isolate 0:98 contains the equivalent of 5 g of dried cannabis.

    How to Consume CanniMed CBD Isolate 0:98 

    One activation (a single scoop) contains about 49.55mg of CBD, which is considered a higher dose. Therefore, this product is recommended for those that already have experience consuming CBD. Start by taking a single dose (one scoop). If you don’t achieve the desired effects, increase over the next few days until you feel like you’ve achieved the desired effect. Again, please keep in mind that this product contains a high concentration of CBD, so remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow". 

    To consume CanniMed CBD 0:98 Isolate, simply follow one of the options below: 

    • Place directly under your tongue until dissolved 

    • Stir into drinks (coffee, tea, smoothie) or food (sauces, soups, etc.) 

    • Added to an oil and applied topically  

    The isolate is fully decarboxylated (decarbed), meaning the CBD is active and does not need to be heated, though it will dissolve quicker in warm foods/drinks.