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    Behind our new Valour Pre-rolls is a very special story. In 2022, we worked alongside our cherished veteran community to develop a signature flower strain that embodies the aroma, flavour, and appearance traits veterans told us they liked best. The result was Valour, an original strain named by veterans, made for veterans.  

    Aurora is proud to announce that 5% of net profits from Valour Flower and Pre-rolls (up to a total of $200,000 every year) will be donated back to the veteran community. 

    With Valour Pre-Rolls, you can enjoy this special veteran-inspired strain in a convenient on-the-go format. Each Valour Pre-roll pack contains 5 pre-rolls, each containing 0.5-grams of Valour. Valour is an indica strain with lineage from Chemdawg, OG18, and Skunk genetics and has strong pine, sweet citrus, and gas flavours. Valour’s top terpenes are myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene  

    Valour Pre-Rolls are expertly rolled for a smooth burning experience and housed in a smell-proof, pocket-sized doob tube for ultimate portability and discretion.  

    Remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow” where patients should begin with a single inhalation and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes to determine the effect before inhaling again. 
    Each pack of Valour Pre-Rolls contains the equivalent of 2.5 grams of dried cannabis. To learn more about dried cannabis equivalencies, click here.