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    701-833 mg/g
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    Discover unbeatable taste and THC at an affordable price. Peach 510 Vape by TASTY’s is a very high-THC vape with a special emphasis on exceptional fruity flavour. Infused with 100%, all-natural, botanical terpenes, Peach 510 Vape offers a sweet and tangy flavour profile. Encased in premium AVD vape hardware with 2mm for better airflow, Peach V510 ape is available in larger 1.2-gram cartridges

    How to use it  

    This vape cartridge is designed for use with the 510-thread battery. To use, simply screw the cartridge onto the battery. Activate the battery by pressing the button five times quickly. The battery will flash green to indicate it is on. To inhale, hold down the button while drawing on the mouthpiece. There’s no need to hold the vapor in. Breathe in and out as normal. 
    For best use, store your vape upright and at room temperature, avoiding any sudden and frequent changes in temperature and/or atmospheric pressure. Need more help consuming vapes? Read our educational blog post here. 


    Consumption tips 
    It is important to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow”. For additional details, refer to Consumer information – Cannabis - Canada.ca 

    Each Peach 510 Vape contains the equivalent of 5.5g. To learn more about dried cannabis equivalencies, click here.