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    700-800 mg/g
    0-50 mg/g

    For a limited time only, we’re excited to bring you the OG Chemdawg Live Resin 510 Vape from our sister brand, San Rafael. This high-THC sativa product is sure to satisfy your senses with alluring citrus and melon flavours and aromas when inhaled. This convenient 510 Vape Cartridge is built with high-quality hardware to prevent leaks and contain the premium, 100% Aurora-grown full spectrum extract. 

    Save more when you shop this product. Since this product has a slightly older packaged date, we’re offering it at a lower price. To view our ever-growing selection of fresh, high-quality, medical cannabis products, just click here.


    Remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow” where patients should begin with a low dose, then wait 30 minutes to assess the effects before administering an additional dose.  


    Each 0.5 g vape will count as 5 g towards your monthly limit. 


    How to Consume Vapes 

    This vape is compatible with the 510-thread battery. To use it, simply:  

    • Screw the compatible cartridge onto the battery pack  
    • Turn the battery on by hitting the button 5 times (it will flash green to indicate it is now on) 
    • Press your lips to the mouthpiece, hold the button and inhale until the desired effect is achieved 
    • No need to “hold it in.” Casually inhale/exhale like normal  

    It’s best to store your vape in an upright position and at room temperature. Avoid sudden and frequent changes in temperature and/or atmospheric pressure. In general, always remember to handle your vape pen with care. To learn more about consuming vapes, click here.