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    Meet Seaweed OG Salt Soak CBD – now in a much larger 500-gram size pouch! Handcrafted in small batches by our friends at Stewart Farms, each large bag of Seawood OG Salt Soak is infused with 1000 mg CBD and no THC. It also contains an aromatic blend of mineral-rich Dead Sea salts, eucalyptus essential oil, tremella extract, plant butters, and Atlantic seaweed sourced from the Bay of Fundy. 
    Stewart Farms is a New Brunswick-based licensed producer that provides all-natural, cannabinoid-infused personal care products to consumers. 

    Be sure to store your Seaweed OG Salt Soak CBD in a cool, dry place. To use, fill up your bathtub with warm water. Then, add your desired amount of bath salts to the water. Swirl the bath salts into the water, so that they dissolve completely. Soak in the bath and when finished, drain your bathtub, and rinse off with clean water. Remember to follow Health Canada’s guideline of “start low, go slow.” 
    Each Seaweed OG Salt Soak is the equivalent of 7.14 grams of dried cannabis.  
    Ingredients: Magnesium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate, Maranta arundinacea, Citric acid, Sodium chloride, Eucalyptus polybractea, Coco glucoside, Mangifera indica, Caprylic/capric triglycerides, Alaria esculenta and/or Ascophyllum nodosum, Cannabis extract, Tremella fuciformis & propanediol