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    If you’re seeking a refreshing and tasty edible, then you’ll love our Yuzu Lemon 1:2 Gummies. These high-CBD, medium-THC bite sized gummies have a sweet, citrusy taste. 

    Every Yuzu Lemon gummy package contains 2 gummies - with each gummy containing 10 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC. Each pack contains the equivalent of 1 gram of dried cannabis. To consume cannabis gummies, simply chew and swallow.  

    Unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare practitioner, Health Canada recommends that patients should “start low, go slow” meaning patients should begin with a low dose and wait up to 120 minutes to assess the effects before administering an additional dose. 

    Ingredients: Sugars (glucose, sugar), water, gelatin, natural flavours, mct oil, citric acid, release and glazing agent (vegetable oil, carnuba wax), yellow 5 (artificial colour)