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  • What makes Greybeard Live Resin vapes so special?

    What makes Greybeard Live Resin vapes so special?

    Award-winning format. Award-winning flavour. That’s what Greybeard brings to the Aurora marketplace with its super-premium live resin vapes. Based out of Simcoe, Ontario, Greybeard is a craft producer of world-class flower, vapes, and concentrates.  

    But what makes them super-premium? 

    First, Greybeard live resin vapes begin with the best quality input possible: 100% whole plant cannabis that is flash-frozen at the peak of harvest. Then, using an advanced hydrocarbon extraction process, the cannabis material is distilled into an incredibly pure extract with all the flavourful terpenes intact, for an unrivaled and authentic experience.  

    Learn what makes Greybeard’s live resin vapes so exceptional in this short video below.

    Are you curious about trying Greybeard live resin vapes? Just click this link


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