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Medical Cannabis – Tips and Tools for Healthcare Practitioners

Medical Cannabis – Tips and Tools for Healthcare Practitioners

Our team is here to support healthcare practitioners in learning more about medical cannabis, its potential therapeutic benefits, and how to prescribe it to qualified patients. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes and quality of life and want to provide the resources you need to determine when medical cannabis may be the right fit for your patients’ treatment plans.

Resources for You

We have created the site cannabiseducation.com specifically for healthcare practitioners, where you can view and participate in webinars, connect with peers, and have your questions answered by industry experts. You can also access research articles and download resource guides developed for healthcare prescribers.

A selection of the topics explored include:

• Chronic pain and cannabis

• Seniors and medical cannabis

• Medical cannabis and HIV symptom management

• Mental health and medical cannabis

• Cannabis use in drug resistant epilepsy

You can learn more about the potential therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis here.

Prescribing Medical Cannabis

There are two steps required for a patient to access medical cannabis from Aurora.

  1. You must complete and sign their medical documentation and fax it to 1-403-637-3121. Download the form to print or request that your patients bring in a copy for you to fill out.

  2. The patient will also need to set up an account with Aurora by completing our online registration form or downloading a copy here, which can be mailed or faxed alongside the medical document.

Please note, our Healthcare Practitioners portal on www.auroramj.com is temporarily offline while we make enhancements. The portal will be re-launched at a later date with the ability to more seamlessly register patients and monitor their adherence to the treatment plan you’ve recommended.

We’re Here to Help

If you have additional questions on our products or the research available on medical cannabis, you can reach out to our team via email at askus@auroramedical.com

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