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  • Strainprint: Track, Learn, and Earn with Strainprint and Aurora!

    Strainprint: Track, Learn, and Earn with Strainprint and Aurora!

    What is Strainprint?  

    We know finding the right Aurora product can take some trial and error. But what if you could take out some of the guesswork? Now introducing Strainprint, a free and powerful cannabis mobile app that helps you track your cannabis usage – and rewards you for it.  

    Think of this app as your personal digital assistant that helps you record your cannabis use and share your insights with your patient community and Aurora. The goal? To simplify your medical cannabis journey, help fellow patients and advance cannabis understanding and research!  


    Earn While You Learn! 

    To encourage you to track your sessions, we’re including an Aurora Rewards Program. Each time you log in and track your session, you will automatically earn reward points which can be redeemed for special swag, merchandise, accessories, product coupons, and more. Please note that reward points are subject to change at any time.  

    You can find the complete list of rewards in the Strainprint app using your unique activation code. (More on that below.) 


    How Does Strainprint Work?  

    After downloading Strainprint, create your account and input your symptoms and/or conditions. Then, start tracking how you feel before taking a specific cannabis product. After a set period of time, Strainprint will gently remind you to track how you felt afterwards. 

    By tracking how you feel before and after taking a specific cannabis product, you’ll begin to see which products are working for you. With Strainprint’s user-friendly interface, it’s easy to log everything from symptoms, specific products and formats, titration/dosing, and even personal notes. Note that only sessions after April 26th, 2023 will be counted towards reward points.  


    Help Your Patient Community!   
    Strainprint is more than just a cannabis tracking app – it’s also a thriving and active community of medical cannabis patients who share and learn from each other. Whenever you use Strainprint to track a product, your data is anonymously used to help other patients just like you make better, informed decisions – because sharing what works for you may also help others!  

    Note: When tracking your sessions with Strainprint, only aggregate data will be shared with other patients. Any personal identifying information, such as your name, will be kept confidential and not shared with any patients or Aurora. For more information, please refer to Strainprint's privacy agreement. 

    By using Strainprint, you’ll:  

    • Discover what may work best for you 
    • Help the broader medical patient community 
    • Access all your medical sessions and stats in one place 
    • Maintain a consistent routine of monitoring your cannabis usage 
    • Get personalized product suggestions from the Strainprint community 
    • Use insights to show your progress/medical cannabis needs with your physician 
    • Earn automatic rewards for merchandise, accessories, coupons, and much more! 


        How Do I Get Started with Strainprint?  

        Getting started with Strainprint is quick and easy! Download Strainprint here and create your account:  

        When first creating your Strainprint account, it’s extremely important to enter in your unique activation code. This ensures that you are enrolled in our Aurora Rewards Program.  

        Please note that you can only find your activation code in an email that we’ve already sent to your patient email address. Not subscribed to our newsletter? Here’s how to sign up:  

        1. Sign into AuroraMedical.com 
        2. Click on “My Account” 
        3. Click on “My Profile” 
        4. Select “I’d like to receive news”  

              If you still need help with your activation code, please contact us at askus@auroramedical.com or call us at 1-877-928-7672.  

              Happy Tracking!  

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