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  • Why Should I Buy Medical Cannabis from Aurora Medical?

    Why Should I Buy Medical Cannabis from Aurora Medical?

    The cannabis industry is constantly changing, making it challenging to find a reliable medical cannabis supplier for your needs. There's a lot to consider - availability, variety of strains and products, pricing, and convenience.  

    Aurora Medical is paving the way to a new era of medical cannabis products and choices for patients globally with its family of Aurora Medical brands.  

    As one of the most trusted brands in medical cannabis, Aurora Medical follows strict quality control measures in our cultivation processes all the way through to our product development to deliver some of the highest-quality products in medical cannabis. You can always rely on Aurora Medical to be a consistent and reliable source for your cannabis. 

    Aurora Medical is committed to education and science, making it simple for you to live Better Days with our product offerings.  

    In this article, we go over a few reasons why you should consider registering with Aurora Medical for your medical cannabis needs. 


    A diverse and innovative company, Aurora Medical Cannabis Inc. is dedicated to breaking the mold of conventional thinking.  

    We've done this through our commitment towards state-of-the-art facility engineering, research in breeding high-quality cannabis, and our product development efforts that set industry standards worldwide. 

    With footprints in 13 countries across five continents, Aurora Medical has been helping develop emerging medical markets in Europe, increasing patient access to safe, consistent, and high-quality medical cannabis. 

    As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, Aurora Medical helps people access and discover the medical benefits of cannabis to try and improve their health and wellness.  


    What Brands Does Aurora Medical Offer? 

    With a large assortment of cannabis products to choose from, Aurora Medical is committed to easing patients' journey towards Better Days.  

    Aurora Medical  offers four medical cannabis brands that provide you with a wide range of choices, so you can discover the products that are right for you. 

    1. Aurora Medical  

    Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Aurora Medical has been a leader in the medical cannabis industry for many years.  

    Aurora Medical products excel in innovation, providing patients with modern and convenient premium selection that ranges from dried flower to cannabis oils. As we take pride in our cannabis, we make sure that you get the best product from us every time.

    2. MedReleaf 

    MedReleaf is a part of the Aurora Medical family and offers an extensive list of cannabis products with various flavours, smells, and effects. One of our more popular products is Sedamena high-THC indica strain. 

    3. CanniMed 

    As the first licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada, CanniMed has over 20 years of experience, focusing primarily on cannabis oil and dried flower.  

    With CanniMed’s easy-to-follow product names, stating the THC:CBD ratio, patients can feel more confident when ordering medical cannabis for the first time. Unlike MedReleaf, which focuses on strain-specific products, this brand mills its cannabis to create greater consistency among doses. 

    4. Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (WMMC) 

    The newest addition to the Aurora Medical family is Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation or WMMC. 

    With a focus on quality, WMMC has been selling organic Clean Green certified medical cannabis since 2014. Besides offering chemical-free products, WMMC takes pride in their sustainability efforts and guarantees that every plant they've produced has been hand-cultivated. WMMC offers a wide selection of dried cannabis strains and cannabis oils. 


    Five Reasons to Consider Buying Medical Cannabis from Aurora Medical:






     1.  Easy to Get Started

    If you're new to medical cannabis, starting your journey with Aurora Medical could not be easier. There are two key items to complete your registration with Aurora Medical: 

    • Register with Aurora Medical by creating an online account 
    • Have a healthcare practitioner fax or mail your signed medical document 

    2. Wide Selection and Reach

      Aurora Medical's greatest strength lies in its wide range of products and availability. It has operations in 13 countries outside Canada, more than any other cannabis producer.  

      The commitment to product excellence can be seen in the wide variety of CBD and THC oils, vapes, edibles, and high-quality dried flower products Aurora Medical offers. 

      With four medical brands making up our selection of products and available to order online 24/7, you have the choice and the opportunity to discover the products that are right for you. 

      3. Medical Grade Standards of Excellence  

      Aurora Medical is highly regarded as the leader in establishing quality control processes adopted elsewhere in the industry. In the pursuit of consistency, Aurora Medical adds a set of quality controls on top of requirements from Health Canada. In addition, two of the Aurora Medical facilities are compliant with EU GMP quality standards, which is the highest recognition available by companies in the pharmaceutical space.  

      Aurora Medical products are internationally lab tested according to the standards of each region to ensure patients receive only top-of-the-line medication.  

      Aurora Medical is actively engaged in both pre-clinical and clinical research with the aim of generating safety and efficacy data to support the use of medical cannabis in a number of different medical conditions.  

      4. Fast Order Processing 

      Aurora Medical offers fast order processing and a range of shipping options, including same-day delivery in select cities and free shipping on orders over $99 (pre-tax).  

      Your package will be shipped directly to your door for your convenience. 

      5. Compassionate Pricing 

      Aurora Medical offers a Compassionate Pricing Program, which helps increase access to medical cannabis to anyone who needs it. 

      This program offers a 30% discount on all of Aurora Medical's cannabis products, regardless of its potency, for patients earning $40,000 and under annually, patients with disabilities or any other similar government subsidy programs. 

      There are other pricing programs that Aurora Medical offers: 

      • First Responders Program provides those supporting the front lines of its communities with 25% off various medical cannabis. Paramedics, firefighters, police, healthcare practitioners and nurses are all encouraged to apply. 
      • Seniors Discount for patients that are aged 65+ and do not qualify for the Compassionate Pricing Program. Anyone who qualifies will receive 10% off all their medical cannabis products. 

      • Veterans Program and Active Military Discounts for Canadian veterans and those who are currently serving in the Canadian military. You can learn about Aurora Medical's veteran coverage here.   

      • Pediatric Patient Discount offers 30% off for younger patients who suffer from chronic medical conditions, automatically applied to eligible patients' accounts.  



      Aurora Medical holds some of the highest measures in quality cultivation and production. Aurora Medical is committed to developing a diverse mix of products that best cater to the medical market’s needs.  

      With compassionate pricing available for all who need it, quality cultivation and production standards at some of the highest levels in the industry, and an easy-to-reach client care team with knowledgeable staff members ready to assist you when needed, starting your journey with Aurora Medical couldn’t be easier. 

      If you’re new to cannabis, please reach out to Aurora Medical’s client care team for more information and we will be happy to support you. 

      Contact us today for more information on how we can offer solutions that are personalized just for you: 

      Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. (6 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT.) 

      Email: askus@auroramedical.com  

      Call: 1-877-9AURORA MEDICAL  (1-877-928-7672). 







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